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Lead Core Trolling and Dipsey Diver Set up Packages SOLD

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Our storefront is now open, we are open for both curbside pickup and online shopping. You can shop online and then just call us to arrange a pick up and pay in person.
We have the following trolling packages for sale - Only 1 of each package available.
Dipsey Diving Trolling Package (SOLD)
2 Penn Rival 20 Line Counter Trolling Reels
2 Wilderness Trolling Rods 9'6"
Spooled with 20 lb Braided line
Our Ready to Fish Price
$309.99 plus HST
Lead Core Trolling Package
2 Penn Rival 30 Trolling Line Counter Reels
2 Okuma Classic Pro GLT Copper/Leadcore Trolling Rod
Each spooled with 10 Colour Lead Core Trolling Line
Ready to Fish Price
$399 Plus Hst
Add any of the following lures to your package at a BIG Discount. Max 10 lures.
Bandits - $7
Ripplin Red Fin - $7
Any Dreamweaver Spoon - $7
Yaleye Mooneye Minnow - $10
Yaleye Hooligan - $12
Yaleye Bandit - $14
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