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A fishing blast from the past today

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Years ago I went to a local fishing supply shop local and friendly. Hwy 7 and Islington; ‘Fishing Stuff’. They were great people, all family. They sold us bait at all hours and loaded my reels. They ran it 24/7 seven day a week. The family that ran it also worked other jobs. They finally closed 20+ years ago due to the long hours. 
Well it all comes around, my brother was redoing his tiles and I also needed some done and we were introduced, masks on. . . 
This morning they showed up, small job set up in the garage for power. .  .

he sees my fishing pictures on the walls and my fishing rods and lights went on. We have a common interest!!!! 

He was the guy who was the owner of Fishing Stuff! As he said you do look familiar! What a blast that was.

he has kept the loading line machine and loads of reels and parts and a lots of other stuff. I was shocked, he is the next door neighbour of my brother’s daughter who she put us onto him! 
My highlight of the week for sure.



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5 minutes ago, Old Ironmaker said:

Small World. Great story. 

JD too bad we can’t sit and have a glass of vino and some supresata and just talk. He still has his boat and does fish with his son and brothers. Many memories for sure on my part. i did make them an espresso. 

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