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Pregnant coyote seems looking for a den site to have her pups. Tail bone is black with no hair so perhaps frost bite is causing infection and sadly the animal may die. No hair in extremely cold weather ... why possums die of tail infection after frost bite so don't do so well here.

IMHO maybe try to chase it off since her having a litter near you will surely mean hungry moma and mouths to feed. They usually pair up so maybe dad got run over/shot. 

Weight on em is deceiving and like Shag said the winter coat is coming off. I've weighed quite a few and 35lbs is about all they are. Never had one heavier. Her hair/being preggo makes her seem larger. As for being a wolf they have long legs almost like stilts compared to coyote. Sure could be a 'coydog' we used to call them, but apparently all coyotes have dog in them. 

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On 4/28/2021 at 5:30 PM, akaShag said:

Well, I have never seen a coyote that weighed more than 85 pounds, nor bigger than a lab................hence my opinion.

Using the fence (2x4's and 1x6's), pavers (3 x 8" ish) and diving board as scale, there's no chance that critter is 85lbs and bigger than a lab. Unless the OP has oddly oversized everything in his yard and those are 2x12 fence boards? It would be interesting to see said lab in the same positions to comparison. Keep in mind that even experienced hunters often claim a 40lb coyote is "huge and must weigh 80 lbs!", until the animal hits the scale. 


Size, movement, and appearance all strongly suggest coyote with the onset of mange. The tail is typically the first spot to lose hair. 

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