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1 minute ago, Gil Levesque said:

Nice tie ! Check out Davie MacPhail on utube! He ties an awsome pupa! 

Ya got it from him. I only have mallard no wood duck . Just winged it, on this one.LOL

He uses the 85/15 wool/nylon for his as well .

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16 hours ago, Terry said:

They look great 

Next week I give the weighted sows a go with the fly rod. Float boat is all ready to go .:Gonefishing:

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On 4/19/2021 at 6:20 PM, Gil Levesque said:

Brian, your a better man than me.I dont tie anything smaller than a 16.Hands are too clumsy and eyes dont work so good any more! Some recent ties,from left.olive scud,greenrockworm,quill abdomen wet fly,nd a WD 40!  Hey,have u tried a furled leader? They are awsome! Built myself a jig and been making some! Hers one with indicator butt section.U gotta try them!



Got the leaders today Gil.:good:


Thanks a bunch . Can not wait to give,r   .:Gonefishing:



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