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FlexAFab boat windshield FAIL

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Was pointed towards a plastic fabrication shop online in Quebec FlexAFab and inquired last month about fabricating a simple windshield replacement for my Legend 164.

Their reply was quick and estimate price with shipping was in my budget. PAplastics is 20 minutes from my home but they only offered bronze color plexi and I wanted “smoke” which FlexAFab had.

Its a simple design with 3 bends (no curves) and anything close to 1/4” of the measurements would be just fine. I would do it myself but sourcing the plexi is tough.

This is when things got weird.

I sent nice sketchup diagrams and photo examples but was told CAD diagrams were preferred. Told them CAD was overkill but sent them CAD files anyways.

A week went by of silence so I emailed wondering about a invoice or something. I got a quick reply that a invoice will be sent and the drawings are with the “engineers”. Felt strange that no upfront cash was needed to start job but ok...

Anyways, 3 weeks go bye so I email just inquiring about eta with a total understanding of delays due to covid.


Ok, time goes bye and a shoot them another polite email “just inquiring” noting they may be very busy but just a heads up would be appreciated...


Ok, from quick daily replies to radio silence for weeks.

Send last email just “soft” cancelling the job since it appears they they are no longer interested.


Time to look elsewhere....

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I just call Parker Plastics here in London. With the little info I was able to give the guy; he thinks they can fabricate the windshield for you? I've dealt with these people before and they are very easy to work with.

Parker Plastics

Their location is not that far from me and my shop. If there's anything I can help with this; all you need to do is ask.


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Can't you just get three separate pieces made, line em up and screw on using the original console fastener holes I think I see? Then use some kind of inexpensive 90 degree edge trim to silicone on ensuring silicone is also between the sheets underneath it? 

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19 hours ago, Raycaster said:

Hopefully Parker Plastics will get back to me...

If they don't let me know and provide all measurements and description of what is needed and I'll go down in person and talk to them. 

My shop's phone # is 519-681-3844 (D&S Auto) call if you'd like any help with this. I'm the owner of the shop and at times, it's good to be the boss. I don't need permission to leave the shop if I want too. LOL As long as the wife doesn't find out!!! Oh Crap! LOL   


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Got a email from FlexAFab"The order has been cancelled".

Waiting on Parker Plastic estimate, thinking it just might be too small a project during covid when every company is scrambling for kiosk screens etc.

May give P & A Plastics a call to at-least order the material as it may end up being a DIY in the end.

Boats not going anywhere anyways so no monster rush, still have a 3 level deck project going in the backyard so I'm a little busy.

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