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Once again I'm totally humbled and thrilled to be asked to asked to be the Honorary Chairperson of the 2021 Orillia Perch Derby which happens to be the 40th Anniversary of this awesome grass roots event! I have had lots of ties to the city of Orillia and have been participating in this event for probably over 35 years. It is a great event designed to get everyone out fishing, kids , families and drew many visitors from far & wide to the "Sunshine City"! Due to COVID times there are plenty of changes, the most recent one is the change of dates to May 8 - 29, 2021 to comply with province of Ontario's "Stay at Home" order! For the first time it has also become a virtual event:

  • Boundaries for the event now include all the waters and shorelines of Lake Simcoe & Couchiching plus any other bodies of water located within Simcoe County!
  • Once registered, you will receive an link to download the "Orillia Perch Festival" app onto your phone!
  • You can entered 1 fish each for the duration of the event! Size doesn't matter!
  • There will be a guaranteed "tagged" fish caught each day of the event along with many other draw prizes!
  • Each day that you enter a perch earns you a chance in the draw for the "tagged" perch of the day as well as the Grand Prize boat at the end of the contest!
  • You don't need data on your phone in order to enter a fish but you must connect with Wi-Fi within the boundaries of the festival to download your entry as it is geofenced!
  • Fun inexpensive time for all, only $5 for a child and $25 for an adult!

I hope that everyone takes advantage of these new changes and enters this awesome fishing event, this may be your year! Best of luck to all!


2021 Simcoe County-001.png

210410-Lake Simcoe Yellow Perch-029 HDR.jpg

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1 hour ago, pics said:

Does the town of Orillia still restrict non-residents from using the boat ramps and parking ??

I do believe that is still being discussed at town council and possibly during the current "Stay at Home" order, hence the change of dates. Because of the virtual format of the event you don't actually have to go up to Orillia to partake in the event. You can fish and enter a perch anywhere in Simcoe County and all waters and shorelines of Lakes Simcoe & Couchiching!

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