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I booked into Canada’s Wonderland, appointment at 12:50 arrived at 12:15 after seeing the earlier lineups at other centres and the new hospital always booked! It was amazingly organized and I was out at 12:44. Went back Thursday with my wife and the same thing. She was at 3 and we left at 2:45.

Going back in July for round two. 
I got Pfiszer and she got Maderna. No side affect at all, not even pain at the injection site. 

Keep well. 

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I got mine on Friday and the Mrs. goes tomorrow and then we're both booked in for mid July.

Mine was the Pfizer and they told me that's what my wife will get also.

Nice to start the protection process...if that's the term 

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2 hours ago, Old Ironmaker said:

I can't even get an apointment out here, mass confusion. Haldimand On. 

It looks like Haldimand and Norfolk are using their own booking tool, not the provincial one, but they do offer online booking to people 70 and over (I have no idea how old you are):

“The HNHU’s COVID-19 Vaccination Online Booking tool is now live. The online booking tool allows eligible candidates to book their vaccination appointment online at any of the mass clinic or hospital hub sites. The Online Booking tool is available here: https://hnhu.org/covid19vaccine/.”

Source: https://hnhu.org/health-topic/coronavirus-covid-19/vaccination-rollout-in-haldimand-and-norfolk/

They also offer a stand-by wait list if you’re open to a short notice dash out for your vaccine.

“The Haldimand-Norfolk Vaccine Task Force has launched a waitlist to ensure all available vaccine doses are administered. Currently, we are accepting the names and contact information for individuals who are aged 65-69 years (born in the years 1952-1956.)”


If you are under 70, you may be able to book an AstraZeneca shot at a pharmacy (if you are at least 55 years old). There’s at least 3 pharmacies in each health unit.




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