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Giant burrowing mayfly and euro nymphs

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There was a post on another board by a bud that was perch fishing and one of the perch had a large 1.5" Mayfly nymph in it . I thought wow that thing is huge and well,I got to tie some of these. So I did.LOL

The hooks are to light for whities,but I will fix that soon,as I want to use these for whities as a dropper.



Opener will be here soon on the small rivers and streams,I have been watching a lot of Euro Nymphing . I am very intrigued in trying this, so I tied up some to try. Weighted fly on the bottom and a light one on a dropper. You can tandem or tri this set up. I will start with the tandem, and work my way up . One tangle at a time .LOL


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