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I'm sure if they did extensive testing, not too many fish would pass go and make it into the frying pan.  Even the northwest pacific seems to be polluted pretty bad too.

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Some good points in that video re: recreational and commercial consumption limits. Hard to know what influences the regulations laid out in the guide.

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Brian, is that you doing a cameo as the man narrating that clip?  😁

I see that sign on the wall:  WHALE OIL BEEF HOOKED.  Say it quickly...........

I am GLAD we have a guideline in this province for eating sportfish.  I do consult it from time to time, especially if I am fishing a new-to-me area and intend to catch a meal or two.  Hmmm, Quinte walleye: mercury, mirex, PCB, insecticides and dioxin, yum yum!!!

I am guessing that the MNRF is NOT responsible for advising the public about consumption limits for commercially caught fish, but that's just a guess.


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