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Not impressed with Customer Service

Big Cliff

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Last week I reached out to Zoombaits, a while back someone had given me a package of one of their products, limetruse plastic worm. My son and I really liked the product but I hadn't been able to find more and we were almost out of them. I sent Zoombaits an email telling them about our success and explaining I was looking for a Canadian supplier. I got a very brief email back suggesting I contact a vendor in Virginia Beach. A follow up email from me explaining I was looking for a Canadian supplier has gone un answered.  It's a great product but by the time I pay exchange, freight and potentially brokerage it's going to be a real PIA. 

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21 minutes ago, Ronzo said:

I found this site, https://5aught.ca/catalogue-suppliers.php?Zoom Bait Company&supplier=76 , that seems to carry Zoom worms. Checked the reputation, not a lot of information around, but does not seem like a scam site.

Thanks, I have sent them an email, hopfully I can purchase them locally, well at least from Canadian based supplier 

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1 minute ago, OhioFisherman said:


Not sure if that is the one you want, but it shows them in that color. Your average local tackle store can't stock every item, but a good one may be able to order an item for you?

Thanks, I realize that smaller local shops can't carry everything but I would have thought that the manufacturer could give me the name (s) of some Canadian distributors, I did provide my full name and address. 

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You want a very specific brand of a very specific bait, in a very specific color, only from a CA distributor, and are complaining about an email not being responded to? Sounds like you're setting yourself up for a frustrating PIA from the beginning. 

Yes, buying local is always preferred, but for products marketed worldwide and sold via hundreds (or thousands) of reseller channels...it really doesn't matter where you get it from. The paper-thin profit from 10 packs or even 100 packs of those worms is not moving the revenue needle for whomever you buy it from.


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