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 I have read on some reports, the midge hatch has started . So tie a few up and see.
Marked all morning, both whities and herring. All were tight to the bottom. Was fishing a mud/muscle bed .PROBLEM, herring were quicker then the whities at snatching up the midge. Was tempted to retie without the drop,but I was having fun, and thought,one of those whities might beat them to it. Well that didn't happen,but another tie that has proven it works. Arsenal is growing. Grubs,worms,shrimp and now midge.





Edit to add


Stoked that my boy is kicking it with my ties as well.



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On 3/7/2021 at 7:01 PM, glen said:

Nice flies. Do you like eating whitefish better then herring?clean looking bow too.  

Sorry I missed your post Glen .

I love both, but the herring get only smoked for consumption . Fried,baked,pouch and smoke, the whities .


It,s all good.

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