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When My group did our first ever trip we relied a lot on generous people providing there insight into destinations, lakes and outfitters 

Part of the goal for Northern Jacks has been to bring that to the forefront and if possible provide some tips and tricks for those looking to take a fishing trip or paddling or just spending time in the outdoors'

A new addition called Tales from is part of that experiment  - interviews with people about what moves them in the outdoors

First up is Tales from the Float Plane with Chris Brock - who has provided my tons of great info and is just an all around good guy


If anyone is interested in offering up their own Tales from feel free to PM me here or email through the site - would love to have one of these up every month or so 




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15 hours ago, BillM said:

Great read!  Chris is a riot to hang out in camp with.

Thanks Bill.  Chris is great and very knowledgeable.  Hoping to wet a line together for sure 

13 hours ago, Bill said:

That was a great interview.

Thanks for sharing and hope you can continue doing this .

Thanks Bill    Appreciate the feedback and hope to keep writing as well.  Have been enjoying it 

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Chris is one of the guys from this site I hope to meet in person some time.  He also gave me some advice for a trip we did a couple years ago - including a marked map!


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