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IMG_1121.JPG.022fc6ecb379870607d7650ee8240e2c.JPGIMG_1122.JPG.da314e9f918a37851195a604ed7f28db.JPGIMG_1123.JPG.345211436b0157078f46e31d7068f072.JPGIMG_1124.JPG.b6c171387a21831cc4df493c863c5e9a.JPGIMG_1127.JPG.5e610f1351eab17fe5c911e9b027ee8e.JPGIMG_1130.JPG.43068f53800631228d08f2c44fbbce02.JPGIMG_1131.JPG.4da13cb0f9c4024fa6d3db4c56c0cb80.JPGIMG_1134.JPG.09a25312b95fc77e55d20c4af05976d9.JPGSo I'm stacking some firewood on the rack beside the wood stove when the phone rings. It's my SIL who wonders if I'd like some fresh Specks as he's on his way back from a very successful morning trip. Well  of course I will, right on Allan. So he comes up the driveway and I go out to meet him on the front walkway. He hands me 4 10 -12" beauties and we chat for a bit. Then as he's about to leave I notice this light brown blob on a lilac branch 10 ft away. WTH? So I walk over closer and it's a Saw Whet owl sitting on the end of a cut branch, so cool. I run in the house to grab my camera and Al pulls out his cell phone. Well I knew they were pretty tame but I had no idea how much. I grab some pics and then decide to see how close I could get. Well I get within touching distance and it just sits there opening his eyes the odd time. Well just so happens I had taken some squirrel out for a snack so I go back in the house and cut a strip off to see if the owl would take it. I put it on a stick and hold it out 6 inches in front of it. No reaction so I move it in even closer and he spooks and flies 5 feet away on to a spruce branch beside the house. So I put the strip of meat on a branch below him, he looks at it and ignores it. Then I go back and grab my camera again and take a few more pics and the last one through the kitchen window when I go back in. No idea how long it was there but it's still there an hour later not even paying attention to all the birds around as I have my feeders right there. And all the chickadees aren't even worried and have no fear being 3 ft away from it. So cool, made my day.

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On 2/21/2021 at 3:48 PM, Sinker said:

Cute little buggers eh? I love owls. 



There is a huge Snow Owl on Little Britian Rd just West of Elm Tree Rd all the time for the past two weeks.  Only one good day to try and pull over and get pictures but there were other folks pulled over so we kept on going.  It's near the last bend farm house on the right when heading into Lindsay before Elm Tree Rd.  

Um, Cliff if you're reading this I'm sure you will find it if you go for a short drive.   

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Seen 2 snow owls on the way home today about 1KM or less apart in the same area.  Didn't pull over due to white out driving conditions at times.  It was far from safe to try and get pictures today.  

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