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Seems my son has a few buddy's that want some . Since there is no ice on my grounds,stay home and tie .

These guys want ugly,not store bought purty. I said,you asked the right guy.LOL

All are weighted with 15 wraps of .025 lead free wire.

Biots are natural color from a goose shot by a buddy.

#6 3x long shank Mustad.

Wire is from the dollar store.

Dubbing is variety of  Phoenix peacock , Wabbit hares ear and berry fish dope in black 2 are peacock hearl .

Casing is from the same wing as the goose biot.

I have another 30 to make. Ran out of hooks. Waiting for my order from Cabelas.










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1 minute ago, PUMP KNOWS said:

So sick....gonna pick some up.

I just bought myself a vice but don’t have any materials and tools for it yet.


Getting ready to spend.LOL

One thing I found was do not get caught up on the high end stuff. I buy 3-4 bobbins for like 5-7 bucks. The one I really like the best,I can not find anymore. There are many DIY tips on you tube.

One thing for sure, have one set of scissors dedicated to snipping close to your ties. Thread and trimming only . Use cheap dollar store ones for cutting feathers and wires and what not.


In the last year, I think I have come along way from when I started . I even came across a box of stuff I made a couple of years ago . I looked at them and said ,these things are brutal. LOL


I did not mention that those stones are run under a float by these guys. Just like a roe bag .


Have fun tying PK.




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Nice work. About 22 years ago I started tying this fly because there was an old guy on the river that hammer steelhead with a massive stone fly. Like almost 2 inches long. He let me in on his secret and I came up with this version. Back then it was hard to get the good jig style hooks. Nothing pretty but the steelhead loved it especially late winter early spring. Was my secret for a couple years till everyone caught and stated refining it to the nice ones you see in the stores now. I always experimented with different colour combos. I remember an all white one with yellow was the ticket one year 


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On 1/29/2021 at 11:19 AM, msp said:

About 22 years ago I started tying this fly


I am only 18 years behind the times.LOL

Now that my son knows I can tie,his buddies are always asking for something. LOL


I will have to try this white yellow combo one. Thanks msp.

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