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Moving, need trout advice


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"Happy Trails to you,

Until we meet again......."

Make sure to visit Moose's Saloon in Kalispell!

I have a buddy who lives in Plains, MT, about two hours from Columbia Falls.  He is a hunter and angler, and I'll send a note of introduction.

Good luck, Rick!


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1 hour ago, misfish said:

Yup. I drool watching the youtube vids from out there . They also walk miles to just get to great spots.

It's been a bucket list thing to learn to fly fish and hit the streams. There are none around here so it wasnt much an option.

I'm told certain areas are just packed, so in really looking forward to trekking through the bush to find gold. I'm super excited. If I remember correctly,  you used to post alot of those types of treks and I was always in awe.

What better way to get exercise and fresh air. 

I'll probably twiddle away to nothing also hiking the hills in search of deer and elk too. Looks like one heck of a workout!

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2 hours ago, Big Cliff said:

So happy for you, I hope you will keep us up to date as you enjoy your new adventures 😊

You'll be seeing alot more of me. The girlfriend is an excellent photographer,  loves hunting and fishing too.


We will also be filming alot. Alot of camping trips etc. I'm looking forward to work but waaaaay more to the adventures!

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