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A little something for you, It's trout fishing with Hough!

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Hi my name is Fisherman Hough and troutn is something I do!
I use to meet the boys for a few but now I just go home n eat stew.
Most would say I'm dumber than goo but let me tell me somethin' to you.
Although I took a chunk of wood to the head, somehow I didnt get dead,
just thought my name Fred or was it Ted or maybe Ned.
Well enough about Jed cause I got a story bout trouts that need to be fed.







There's ice on them back lakes is the word on the street.
Folks say the ice is at least a couple inches or two deep.
Well that news had me out the front door, faster then my ex who was a bit of Horror.
I put the pedal to the metal cause me and some splake had a score to settle.
Now I ain't no chump I know these trout like to hang out by a hump or a stump.
Wearing a fur hat like my buddy the Russian, drilled a hole in the ice and the water was gushin'.
That cold north wind had me blushin' like that time on the dogsled I was mushin'.
Wait a minute, I seemed to have drifted off and started talking bout nushin'.







Dropped my line in the hole and my rod was a throbbin', my lure was bobbin'.
Looked down the hole and seen a flash near bottom it was a big ol' slobbn'
Greedy bugger took a swipe at my lure and I damn near got'm.
This silver bullet was playing tricks with my noggn'.
Heart was ticking like that time I tried joggin'.
Well he finally opened his yap and succumed to my trap.
Took my chrome to the dome.
Now this beauty's coming home.





I stayed by that tree and ended the day with just three.




Well there you have it the names Fisherman Hough.
I can fix wood with glue and been known catch a couple fish or a few.


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Sorry Fisherman those fillets are all mine and headed straight for the brine. 
Next time on the lake I might save you a splake.

I thank all for their replies, without them this post dies and is left for the flies.

Were all going through rough times, so join in with your "Houghmor" and rhymes.
Throw in a couple lines and lets hear it, its sure to lift someone's spirit.

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59 minutes ago, HoughTheFisherman said:

I'm surprised that no one's huffing bout Hough. For me spelling is something that's tuff. Might have something to do with that stuff that I puff.

Pass the doobie around the fire pit. 🤣

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