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Ice fishing sled just about ready to go.

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is this getting attached to a tongue and snowmobile? or are you hauling it by hand?


If by hand are you planning on adding anything to get it up above deep snow?

I like the overall design though. Nice and organized and alls for you to absolutely know if youve left anything on the ice at the end of the day.

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1 hour ago, Cosmos said:

Very nice.

I would recommend to add a pair of downhill ski.

Huge difference when you pull it.

hes gonna be a in a world of hurt if hes planning on tugging that thing by hand through any snow lol. I know because ive done it too many times when my sled isnt running or the ice isnt good enough lol

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A tow bar goes on the front and it will be towed behind a snowmobile most of the time. I have a pair of skis waiting for a Scotty sled when I get around to building it. Used the bare sled last year on a trip up north of Thunder Bay to Pasha Lake Cabins and things were bouncing around and getting damaged because of the auger. This way I should be able to take everything and keep things organized. If this lockdown gets extended it looks like I’ll be putting it back into storage before I get to use it 😥

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