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Algonquin fly tying

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27 minutes ago, grimsbylander said:

The “About Us” page looks legitimate and a quick search on Steve Galea gives you many ties to Ontario out of Doors. 
I doubt blatant identity theft would be a good way to launch a crooked website. 
I’d buy from them. 

Yes I noticed the name . I sent an email to make sure he is still in business. Most of the reviews and comments are 2018 . Nice that he is local as well .

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Order put in this morning . Will see how it goes . Seems anywhere you want to buy on line,shipping is $13-$16 Can post . Worth it if you can not get anywhere local here .


Hope to get soon as I have a few orders to fill . Seems some people are liking my ties . Fun hobby to make a little extra cash . Wont get rich, but keeps me out of trouble .

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