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How could a civil war in the US affect us?

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I’m not sure if this question is too political to be allowed here or not, but the evolving election disaster south of us has me deeply, deeply concerned. 

I hope we discuss this without it turning into a political debate. 

I hope things settle down, but if they don’t and if this turns into a full out civil war, or lots of armed fighting, what impact could we expect up here and how do we prepare? 

I hope I’m not overacting or supporting fear mongering here but surely it will mean food and supply shortages and an influx of refugee crossings as well as extremists trying to operate off radar by crossing the worlds longest undefended border.

I guess I’m looking for estimated scenarios and how do we prepare?

Could Canada (and Mexico) be asked to get involved? 

What sort of trade, manufacturing or other economic impacts could we expect?

What strains could this put on Canadians? We have our own quietly simmering frictions here in Canada. I hope I’m not naive in thinking it’s nowhere like the States but a blowup south of us could inflame issues here.  

Please refrain from taking political sides (US or Can). 

Mods; if this isn’t allowed here, please pull the thread or let me know and I’ll remove it. 


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