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Southern Ontario Ice report

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Was up in the Hanover area today, decided to check ice thickness (I will admit...I did have fishing gear in the trunk, was hoping to find a safe amount!). Anywho, I went around 20 feet offshore where the water would be only a couple feet deep. Spud bar went through on second hit. Rats. No ice fishing today. With the warm weather coming this week, southern Ontario still at least a couple weeks away from safe ice. There was approx 2.5 to 3 inches but was not particularly solid

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Some ice skating happened local to me on Buckhorn Lake this past Sat (a close to shore location where there is no current) and some were out on the south end of Chemong fishing as well (a closed end of the lake, always has early ice and no current).  So the odd spot ... but there certainly is very few.  Hoping for more sub zero after Christmas to hopefully get out by Jan 1.


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