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Great Erie Fall Smallies

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The last few years, I have not had a chance to fish Lake Erie very often so this fall I decided to change that up. Made a total of 5 trips down to one of a truly world class Smallmouth bass fishery! The last one was just before the blow and we managed to win a small local tournament with 5 Smallies for a total of 28.98 lbs. We had some good days out there but never really caught the peak of the fall action, there is still a few days left in the season maybe we'll be able to get out one more time. Here are some beautiful Erie bronze to help us make it through a long winter!

2020 SM-Lake Erie-201025-011 HDR.jpg

2020 SM-Lake Erie-201025-014 HDR.jpg

2020 SM-Lake Erie-201031-009 HDR.jpg

2020 SM-Lake Erie-201031-011 HDR.jpg

2020 SM-Lake Erie-201114-003 HDR.jpg

2020 SM-Lake Erie-201114-004 HDR.jpg

2020 SM-Lake Erie-201114-013 HDR.jpg

2020 SM-Lake Erie-201114-021 HDR.jpg

2020 SM-Lake Erie-201114-030 HDR.jpg

2020 SM-Lake Erie-201108-003 HDR.jpg

2020 SM-Lake Erie-201108-013 HDR.jpg

2020 SM-Lake Erie-201114-027 HDR.jpg

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13 hours ago, David Chong said:


The fishing has only improved since dad would put a green 5 1/2 Johnson in the trunk of the '52 Pontiac and we would rent a 16' cedar strip for 50cents an hour or $3 for the day from Ray Prophet of Ray's Boat Livery, drift fish with crayfish we dredged from a local pond.  5's are just as common now as 3's were back then . Zebra mussels made the water clearer and Gobies fattened them up.

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