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Drone for Christmas


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Hey Guys.

I asked last year about a drone. Cheap one at Costco. The Mavic Mini was recommended by you guys.   Never pulled the trigger. Still interested. Just want to fool around mainly at the cottage. Take video and for my grown kids to play. Is it still the way to go ? I think it’s come down in price. I hope to convince other cottage neighbors to pay for a cottage video to pay for itself. 

DJI Mavic Mini Quadcopter Drone Fly More Combo

Model Number: CP.MA.00000123.01
Web Code: 13985755

product image

Black Friday Top Deal
SAVE $110$539.99
SALE ends: December 2, 2020

Sold and shipped by Best Buy

Available to ship

This will be delivered as early as tomorrow.
Enjoy free shipping on most orders over $35.
Available for free store pickup

Get your order quickly. Showing stores near Toronto


Capture beautiful shots from the air with the DJI Mavic Mini quadcopter drone combo pack. It features a 3-axis gimbal with 2.7K camera and 4km radius HD video transmission to deliver clear, crisp, and stable still photos and videos. Its blazing-fast 13 m/s top speed and 30-minute maximum fly time will have you experiencing flying fun 


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$419 at Best Buy, $539 price the fly more combo which is best choice in my opinion.
I badly wanted this one and was ready to get it once it's on sale. Now is the time. I almost lined up.

Almost because Mini 2 has specs I really want. The biggest differences between 2 and 1:
- it shots RAW
- 4k resolution
- OcuSync 2.0
- 2x beterr range - up to 10km
- way better controller
- a bit faster
- better wind resistance

For flying around the cottage the Mini 1 is way more than enough. Just be aware, those Minis do not have obstacle avoidance. But you do not need license.


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I had the mini and it was great ... until I missed the landing on the boat...



Here's some videos I pushed that aren't at full resolution so if your happy with these you'd be more than happy with the original.



Before dropping it in the lake it worked well and at the 'sale' prices I don't think you'd go wrong.  With the new version you'll get:

1) Better connectivity and range - if your flying it close to you then its fine. If you want to fly it a km (or more) away then the upgraded connectivity might be worth it

2) better camera - but only if your doing some serious videography. For stuff you post to you tube you'll be more than happy

3) Better motors - can handle wind a bit better but it's still a small drone - there's limits.

Myself - I'm really torn, I have the fly more package for the original so I still have extra batteries and the case and so on so I might just buy the discounted original (just the drone) but I'm also a gadget nerd so I'm tempted by the new one just because its new.  Right now the $ diffs is about $200 CDN (for the fly more packs): $725 vs $520 give or take.

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