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Lake Erie boys this may change the lake

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I got up to a howling sound ( wind ) and our power was out, they did mention here in the weekend fishing report that gale force winds were expected. Ya sinker is probably right, this certainly isn't the first time for a bad blow on Erie.

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6 hours ago, bigugli said:

The lake went through huge changes and storm surges back in the 70's.  I remember, as a teen, watching the news on TV showing cottages falling off the shore on L Erie. Big storms and high waters were the culprits back then as well. 

Yup, I was park naturalist at Long Point Prov. Park, summers of 73 and 74, bad winds and the causeway was underwater and the water up almost to the front door of the park office and the road to the launch ramp flooded as well


edit : lost a bunch of cottages on Hastings then too

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