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Upgrades for Minnkota Powerdrive V2

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Hi guys,

I am looking for upgrades for my 2017 Minnkota Powerdrive V2 trolling motor.  I know Minnkota has an upgrade for for this model that includes the iPilot head and a hand held remote control for $460 USD.  I also saw a company that advertises an aftermarket GPS controlled system called ProNav - it looks easy to install/use but it is $975 USD (expensive)............or I can just kick in the additional $630 from the ProNav upgrade cost and buy a brand new motor for $2k that has iPilot and a build in transducer so I am failing to see the value in this upgrade.




The options are nice to have but ProNav seems expensive for what you get........I am less than $700 from just buying a new motor with iPilot.  

Looks like I am between the Minnkota iPilot upgrade kit - or - selling mine and upgrading.


Had anyone bought either of these upgrades?  Any thoughts or ideas??

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I have added ipilot to 2 Terrovas.  (The old pre 2016 models). Both terrovas where bought on clearance from Canadian tire.  The first one went with the boat I sold Ipilot upgrade worked perfectly, the second I managed to scoop from a local CT that had one non ipilot terrova in the box stashed in the back.  I sourced a head unit from another CT for $250 on clearance.  It’s been on my boat since 2018 and works great.  I sold the. 2010 ipilot terrova that came with my replacement boat for more than I bought the newer set for on clearance.  Just last year I found one more clearance terrova head unit for $150 and bought it for a spare remote/head.  So yes overwhelmingly the upgrade units work great as long as your motor is in good shape.  That money is already spent and a new one will cost you $2K plus tax  vs $600 or so for the upgrade. Sure you can recoup some of the cost by selling the used one, but you’ll still have to lay out some extra cash.  If it where my money, and I was already mainly happy with the unit I had I’d just upgrade the head unit.

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