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Online shops for mercury products??

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You would think that Canada would fix this issue by now.   In the USA you can get anything you need online here ....    oh you want that contact a dealer that's only open til 5pm and is 100K away. 

I found that there are tons of fake Canadian dealers online with super inflated prices.. When you look at the contact us and the address use google to see it and find out its a field or park somewhere.

Online good luck at finding specific parts... 

For oil and filters this year I had great success with https://www.royaldistributing.com/

Delivered in a week via purolator.


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this one also pains me a lot buddy. Usually i just end up using boats.net and dealing with the consequences of shipping. 

I also plan on doing a carb rebuild on my yamaha this winter and it really blows that you cannot source parts in canada. The only luck ive had is my local marina is a yamaha dealer so they are sometimes able to get parts but their markup is insane on a lot of stuff so its actually worth ordering from the states and paying ridiculous shipping fees.

Search ebay as well, lots of smaller parts shops out of the states sell stuff on ebay. I recently bought a new hydraulic pump for my trim off of a motor shop in Detroit on ebay. Came here and was perfect.

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I've been lucky with buying from US retailers. A lot of them offer free shipping within the states. So I have things shipped to a place called SCC Parcel Pickup in Port Huron. 


Here's the lucky part for me. My son works for GM as an engineer in Warren Michigan; he is considered an essential worker and can cross the boarder. He lives here (Ontario) in Warick and commutes.  SCC is a ten minute detour for him to pickup any package I've ordered. Costs you 5 bucks for them to hold it for you.

Having some things shipped direct to you from the states, can most times cost more then what the item's value is. Duty is one thing; but the brokerage fees are crazy.


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