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So made a small fire pit to keep my java warm. LOL


Thought it was going to be a hot bite after getting one on the 2nd drift on hot pink bag BUT,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, NOPE 1 - 2 . LOL


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Past weeks catch was on the smoker while I was away playing. I did a true   24 hr brine,24 hr stand this time ., Lightly rinsed the fish this time and well, turned out to be probly my best so far. Has a bit of jerky,dry and moist.


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3 minutes ago, Terry said:

Nice fish. 
brr just wait  a few month , then you will

know what brr is 

Have a hut and heater. +100 the whole time. No burr,,,,,LOL

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33 minutes ago, Terry said:

It’s the walk there and back you seem to have forgotten 

I do not have to walk that far, and I usually get a ride back.LMAO👍

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in the musky game...early fish is a bad thing. If I get a follow on one of the first 10 casts I might as well pack up and go home. Every time I connect a fish early the results are disastrous. Better hope that first one bites because you ain't gonna see squat the rest of the day

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