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best camera for under $1,000 ?

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I have Nikon B500, great zoom lens WIFI, downloads to my iPad, connects to T V . . .

$250.00. I purchased an external DVD drive with  USB and SD ports. Plug my SD card feom the camera and burn a CD,


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If you want to stay at $1000 don't get a DSLR but a top end Point and Shoot with a wide optical magnification range, accessory lenses will be at few more grand to get the same versatility with the DSLR route.


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I have a dSLR with multiple lenses that I use for most of my photos and all of my long shutter or fast action photos. I have a long zoom point and shoot for distant bird and wildlife photos, a GoPro for underwater, a trail cam for stealth photos and a drone for aerial photography. Each has it's purpose but there isn't one that does everything. While you did say general, I think that leaves the field too wide open. As Terry asked, I think you need to be a bit more specific. Here are a few other questions:

Waterproof or non-waterproof?

Big zoom or not?

Good in low light?

What sort of accessories are there - i.e. can you attach a filter

More for point and shoots but do you want a viewfinder or not? I don't find using the LCD very effective, particularly in bright light (think how well you can see your phone in direct sunlight) and my personal preference is to get a camera with a viewfinder.

I'm guessing you aren't interested in a mirrorless or dSLR but those do give you the ability to expand your options without buying a whole new camera. I know nothing about mirrorless cameras so I have no comment on that style.

Hopefully that helps a bit.




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