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Good good good vibrations, not just a song

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A first for me. Used a few different lures and had one hit.

Decided to use my #5 Vibrax which doesn't get much use.

First cast fish on, a sheephead of all things.

Well at least I know I won't have the white stripe today.

Second cast same area, pike on, nice size as well.

A few more casts and nothing. Moved around using different

lures, after a half hour, back to the earlier spot, and yep, put the Vibrax back on.

Few casts later another pike. Nice I thought.

Few more casts yet another pike.

Feeling pretty good, that's for sure.

Decided to change areas, and keep the vibrax on.

One more fish to finish the day, an bass.

All fish caught on the Vibrax, a first for me.

T'was a good day on the water.






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