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Starting this past week each and every time I open my email I have a dozen or  more spam emails, everything from miracle wrinkle cream to female enhancement I am told to select block and then delete them, never open one that I feel is not legit. Just now I see an obituary for Sandy Blew, do I know him? I've had over 1000 work with me over the years so I might so I automatically open it to find oooops it is bogus. What is the best way if there is any to deal with this stuff? I plan on bringing my laptop into my PC Guru Tuesday. 

Mods, I know this should be under Computer help but I know many, many more will see it here.

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I understand John. I could not buy a new one either.
In advertising agencies where I worked It was standard equipment and they were always upgrading them. I would buy G4s for $50. imacs went for $150. When the place closed in April most employees bought theirs for around the same price. 27 inch models. The rest went to auction starting at $100. 


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