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I've fished the French river for over 50 years, often several times a season. I had my son ( who is DD) with me a few years ago. He has always liked looking at stars, but where we live on Ohio there is always too much ambient lighting to get any really good views. So, one night at the lodge it was a clear night and I pointed out the Big Dipper, Milky Way, etc. to him. He was fascinated. When we went back into the cabin, he asked when he could see the northern lights. I explained to him they were fairly rare, and that in somewhere between 50 and 100 trips to Ontario, I had only seen them once.

The next night, after he went to bed I read for awhile. When I decided it was time to hit the pillow, I went out on the deck and grabbed a bottle of water. As I looked up from getting the bottle, I was astounded to see the northern lights in all their weaving glory. Of course, I woke my son, and, in fact, the camp bell was ringing to wake others for this rare event. It went on for awhile. My son was fascinated.

I'm not crazy religious, but I am certain there was something going on here.



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