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Fished with a couple of close buddys this morning

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With my son heading to the west shores,I decided I would fish with a couple of close buddy's. We met on the river bank at the same time. Had some good conversations . Amazing what we have in common, and somethings we debate. Myself,is just a sitter and listens mostly. Gets real excited when he hears the fish jumping. On the other hand, I, is one that likes to debate everything. Like ,should we have walked all this way when there are other spots that we can park at and a very short walk ? Myself pipes up and says, what are you talking about ? Listen to all the fish jumping around. Of course, me, being the just fish and shut up and enjoy the things nature had given us guy says , were here now and we are not climbing back up that hill. Both myself and I ,were very thankful me brought the rope. All three of us have bad knees and the rope will sure makes things easy getting back up that 40ft hill .

Me,myself and I, got our gear ready. Still using that mojo rod from John Francis :angel: .Coffee and eggs for the morning breakfast on the ready. Once we could see our float, ( seems we all have bad eyes ) we began fishing. Didn't take long before our float went down,set the hook and we are all excited. Fish was landed. Great net job by myself,and of course,I, tried to take all the credit.


We ended up going 1-6 in the few hours we were there. Fun time with a couple of close buddy's.




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2 hours ago, Rizzo said:

hooking percentage not the greatest, but at least the company was good!

All the fish but that small one are all huge. Big fish this run. 2-4 this morning. Both released. Largest was close to 25lb. Took me nearly 20min to get her in . Time to get ready for a perch fish maybe next weekend,then it,s steel time.


Now I need to go and take the pin apart. It,s got so much sand in it. DOH.

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6 hours ago, GBW said:

Nice going Mr B.  I really liked my RAW II when I had it but moved away from the rivers so it went to a new home.  

Paid $98 for it when they first came out. Now over $250 and built the same. LOL

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3 hours ago, glen said:

Looks like a great trip.  I wonder what they are eating to be bigger then normal.   Is the number of fish Coming up the same.  I miss the gb salmon open water.  

First run started end of June  and still going. Seems every 4 years we get a good run of big ones.

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