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Silent lake lake trout help

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I have decide this year to drive away from the city and try fishing smaller lake.  Went to Balsam last week and did good for perch and a nice smallie from the inflatable boat.

Planning to try Silent lake this week just for the day.  Anyone have a depth map they can share a screenshot of for Silent lake? Want to try for some lake trout before it closes end of this month.  Will take some minnows, but will keep some tube jigs and jig heads.  Anything else I can try? I  cant troll from the inflatable so going to find the drop off and mainly jig or send down some live minnows.  I understand with the temps dropping, lake trout can be at any depth, but if you guys have any suggestions on which depth to try, I would appreciate it.



intex boat on xc90.jpg

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