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I headed back up to Algoma County to search out some more walleye. Did pretty good over a couple days. 

Trolling pretty much all flicker baits, almost all colors were working size 6 and 7, lures running 10ft apprx. deep, 100ft back, 12lb mono, 14ft to 20ft of water. All fish came off shoals and points that had deeper water adjacent to them. 










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1 hour ago, smitty55 said:

Right on, did you sit on any spots for the evening fish or was it all trolling?

Great sunrise pic btw, got the lake level too. It would be a good print.


I did strictly trolling there were other boats that sat on spots, they did pretty good also from a few of them I talked to. They said there were using leeches and catching lots of eater size. I found I was getting bigger fish suspended on the troll. Other boats were hitting some pretty good whitefish out in 35ft of water, i didn't try for them but maybe next trip. This lake is a fish factory. 

Thanks for the compliment on the pic, beautiful sunsets and sunrises up there this time of year. The corn full moon was awesome to see as well, I would have liked to have a good camera to take a picture of that. 

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13 hours ago, Rizzo said:

looks like a nice "walleye chop" on the water....that is a thing still isn't it?

Yes it is! Lol 


11 hours ago, mamona said:

Wow, that's a nice haul. I am assuming you released them all? :sarcasm:

All of them were released to swim another day.


11 hours ago, OhioFisherman said:

nice fish, great pics! what the heck is a flicker bait?

This is a Berkeys Flicker minnow

Screenshot_20200908-215930_Samsung Internet.jpg

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1 hour ago, gordy28 said:

Nice fish and thanks for sharing

I love the flicker shads for walleye and it sounds like I need to invest in some Flicker Minnows as well!



I did use the shade as well but for some reason they seemed to prefer the longer narrower baits.

What kinda really dialed me in was the catch in the picture before...pretty close to matching the hatch as they say...


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