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Tracker boat stolen from Bluffers this morning.

John Bacon

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Someone had their Tracker boat stolen from the Bluffers parking lot this morning.  I am not sure of the specific model; but it was a pretty large boat.

They parked at the public launch and left to help a friend pull a boat from the marina and their boat & trailer had been removed from their truck.  I saw the boat around 7:00 am this morning.  It was gone by 8:45 am.  If anyone else saw the boat parked in the public launch between those times it may help narrow the time down a bit.


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1 hour ago, Whitespinnerbait said:

Insurance job ???

guy is pretty well known on social media and connected to this site through 1 degree of separation. 

dudes also a hardcore fisherman so I don’t see why he’d get rid of the boat when he’d just need another one.

Toronto and the GTA just keeps getting worse by the year for this crap as the city gets bigger and bigger


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