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unbranded fly line shop - cant find it!

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Hey Guys,

A couple years back someone posted the link for a website within canada that sold unbranded high quality fly line. I placed an order and was very very satisfied with the service and quality of the product that I bought. I have searched the website but I am not sure if the post was lost in the revamp of the site. Would any of the fly guys around here have any memory of this or perhaps even ordered from them? I need me some sinking line as mine has started to crack and is now catching itself making some fantastic knots when I double haul!



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There used to be a flylines.ca website that sold over-run and unbranded lines for great prices. Website looks to have shut down, but I think I still have the owner's email address. Lines were around $20-$25. I can PM it over if you want to try to chase that down.

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