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Big Rock Bass

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Was out with Bray again yesterday, we caught some Panfish and I was messing around with worms also and hooked into a Monster Rock Bass, biggest I've ever caught. I need to work a little with him on his camera aiming. What's everyones biggest Rock bass? I know the Ontario record is 17 inches and around 3 pounds.





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3 hours ago, misfish said:

Not in soup water. Cold ya,I will eat .

Agreed Brian. I have a Marina on Simcoe I fish crappie and perch latter in the fall, and we get hog rock bass too. Tried them once in late fall...mid November if I recall, and I actually liked them better then crappie. Never really kept many though because we always managed lots of perch which are my favourite. Tried them from the same marina other times of the year and did not like them near as much and I have tried them out of the Kawartha's in the summer and they are garbage, for my tastes anyway.

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10 hours ago, Rizzo said:

huge. We have a similar rock bass that lives under our dock. Poor bugger gets caught by the kids repeatedly but keeps coming back for more. They affectionately call him "Rocky"...my kids don't have the best imagination

I'm pretty sure every kid would call a Big Rock Bass, Rocky! lol

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