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Master of Bait

Outboard tune up

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Hey Anglers,

I hope everyone's having a good season so far.

I'm looking for some advice on tuning up my 1977(ish?) 25 hp Johnson Seahorse.

It's been sitting in my yard for 5(!) years (kids, moved to Florida, came back).

Local marine shops are backed up for weeks.

I haven't tested it yet, but feels like I need to do something(?) to it - it was running fine when I last used it.

Any suggestions on what I should do?

Spark plugs (clean or replace)? Spark plug cables? Change lower unit oil? Carburetor clean up? 

Any ideas on a place that would stock parts for an old motor like this one, or would I need to order through a marine shop? I'm in the GTA.

Appreciate any suggestions you've got.




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Just bought a "new to me" boat and the first thing I did:

90 minutes ($125 in parts):

Changed Oil and Oil Filter (4 Stroke)

Changed Fuel filter

Changed lower gear oil

Changed Plugs

Took Prop off and on to check for fishing line or junk.

Testing the engine saw the water pressure ok so I will put impeller job off till Fall.

I am NOT a professional (as shown on this board frequently) but they were all common sense jobs with a hint or 2 from Youtube.



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A complete fuel system tune up, clean out the tank,  wouldn't be a bad idea to get a new hose and bulb.  Check the fittings to make sure they don't leak. Replace hose inside the motor cowl.  Take off the carb and do a complete thorough cleaning, replace gaskets and float needle and seat.

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58 minutes ago, Master of Bait said:

Hey guys, I've been working on the motor - all straightforward so far and parts mostly available.

Any recommendations on a fuel additive to add to the first tank I run?

Seafoam.  None of that stabilizer granola.

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Sea Foam is a highly effective gasoline preservative stabilizer that both protects your vehicle while it's sitting and cleans the fuel system when it's running. Sea Foam is the most comprehensive cleaner for your vehicle.

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