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La Fortune Park Caledonia Boat Launch

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I just found out that they closed the boat ramp at La Fortune Park in Caledonia.
It was the only free launch above the Caledonia Dam that I know of. What follows is a copy of what I wrote to the alderman and mayor regarding this. Feel free to copy and paste, edit to your satisfaction and submit as well.

While I am not a constituent of yours, I do frequent your constituency frequently. Namely Caledonia business center and La Fortune Park. I find that park to be a hidden treasure of Caledonia and one of the only free boat launches on the section of the Grand above Caledonia dam. I would submit to you that it is a vital recourse for those who cannot afford the $15 launch fee or $35-$50 per day fee at the neighboring Harrison's Landing to enjoy one of our most important natural resources, the water.

My understanding from the gate staff at Harrison's Landing is that the launch was closed due to safety concerns. Namely the drop off at the end of the concrete portion of the ramp.

I would submit to you that that is a situation that can be dealt with by the use of a single triaxle load of rip-rap granular and 1 machine hour with a large mini excavator.

Please do not deprive us of our water access and restore this valuable community asset.

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