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Quick 3 day backcountry camp

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Did a quick backcountry camp with the family , great times and fishing . 
Started with utilizing a launch point a little sketchy with low water levels , first time the lifted truck was useful lol. No pics as the stress levels were high on this particular launch .

With the Boat loaded , two kids (10and 7) two dogs wife and myself we began the crawl to camp through the rock invested prop killing  lake . Again no pics , to much going on .
Landed at a site we’ve visited for years and within an 30 min my son was walking the islands steep shoreline casting 3” tubes for smallies and connecting ! 
Once camp was set up I joined him casting  a larger 4” smoke color tube hoping to get in on the action ..... picked up the odd one but kid destroyed me , downsizing was key.

Fishing was great ,  we pounded all the rocky shoals and weed edges , classic ambush points . Seems smaller tubes in natural colors and reaction strikes with jerk/twitch baits in a perch pattern were the ticket .  Both The Smallies and walleye (evening bite) we were crushing them . 
I didn’t have a chance to take fish pics , I apologize. No giants but steady 1-3 lb fish .

Also found a beauty sandy beach area , on a small island SCORE !

Cool note !!My kids were wading the rocky area of the island looking for minnows and crayfish and my son found what looks to be a legit carved  arrow head, you can only imagine their imaginations running wild over at the camp fire that night over this discovery.

Great trip ,  family loved it, everyone is gassed Including both dogs , and trust me ...it’s an extreme challenge to tire out a Belgian Malinois working dog lol.















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Trips like this will last for ever in your dreams and memories. Thanks for show us a bit of it.


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Great trip, looks like an awesome spot! 👍👍

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Good memories had by all Rustic.  I can relate to that when Dad would take my brother and I boating on Sturgeon Lake back in the early 1950's.  He ran the old 16 ft. cedar strip boat and 25 hp. Johnson up on what was a nice swimming area.  I began skipping stones across the water when I reached down for a white one.  Turned out to be an arrow head; same as yours. Keeping it for my grand daughter when she gets a little older.

The dog looks wasted for sure.

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