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Taro Murata - the super tank bud

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Hey Guys,

I know I normally write my reports on a semi annual basis, but I figured I owed my dude Taro (www.fishfishcitytours.com) a plug on here after the day we had on Simcoe with him yesterday. If youve watched Taro on Youtube you already know the guy is an absolute riot in the boat. A trip fishing with him is entertainment enough without the catching

What honestly was really really finicky bite all day long with far far too many fish turning off of our baits was still absolutely one for the books. This wasnt a day where we caught and caught and caught, It took picking 1 active fish out of an entire school of monsters over and over. It took persistence, half hour boat runs for spot changes, countless bait changes and countless tactical changes. I couldnt even image how insane the day could have been if the bass werent been spooky finicky and behaved a little more "spawnish" and aggressive. 

One things certain Taro absolutely grinded it out for us for literally 11 and a half hours with us on the water yesterday and was prepared to go longer until a lightning storm took us off of the lake. He threw the absolute book a the fish and by the end of the day we had an absolutely stupid 5 fish 27+LB** bag...yes...you read that right...27lbs 😵 (the two 6's required a leech)

without the live bait our bag was still in the 25lb range...absolutely bloody ridiculous.

Heres a sample of the goods, ill upload more photos in my next report...but Oh My GOD!




shauns smallie.jpg

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nice.  all that chicken he likes is showing ;)  lol  

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9 hours ago, David Chong said:

He is a character but man can he fish!

The guys a wizard. He did a skipping seminar with us, holy cow...I’ve got work to do lol 

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