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Aluminum Stress Cracks

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On 6/6/2021 at 3:40 PM, Musky Plug said:

Yes, I’m fairly certain that they aren’t leaking. I used blue tuck tape over the drain holes of both live wells and poured 5gallons of water in each live well. I had the back deck removed and did not see any water anywhere, and no water leaked out from behind the tape. It is a 05 16.5 crestliner fish hawk. I am located in the burlington area.
what did you use to block the transom? Do you have any pictures? 

I used wood. Large 8x8 blocks I have kicking around. Those welded crestliners are kind of famous for splitting open. I'm not a real fan of welded hulls, unless its thick metal. You have more cracks somewhere in the hull if your satisfied your plumbing isn't leaking. 


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