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Old Ironmaker

Robot lawnmowers, anyone?

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I went to our TSC store to pick up a new BBQ curbside and they handed me a brochure for the Huquavarna Automower 310. Does anyone have one of the robot lawnmowers? Do they work or are they a gimmick until all the kinks are engineered. I do know Husquavarna makes quality products. This particular item is selling for $999.99 CDN.

I finally after months of shopping for a new BBQ I finally found the best deal at TSC. Anyway a 6 burner, 50,000 BTU unit with the stainless steel lid on wheels for $399.99 plus HST. It is also NG convertible. A 50,000 BTU 6 burner unit from Home Depot that says WEBER on the lid is going for, ready $3500.00 plus tax. Yes the lid is heavier, the metal is heavier, a 5 year limited warranty not a 3 year but 3100 bucks heavier, not in my opinion

Green font now? 

Thanks, Johnny D/Selkirk On.

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I can’t speak to actual experience with these, but I bought an Ego 56v cordless mower to replace my 17 year old lawn boy.  It won’t do my lawn in 1 cut (runs about 45mins to depletion) but it’s powerful enough to cut thick grass, is whisper quiet, and recharges in 1 beers time. 

Im buying an Ego weed whacker with a matching battery system  ( lower amp hour) which should allow me to cut it all in one shot as long as one battery is on the charger. 

What I’m saying is that I’m sure it will do a good job and quietly. Price seems very good. I paid $500+ for non propelled pusher. IRobot vacuums run in the $500-800 range. 

Is that TSC price accurate?? I just noticed Rona is at $1999 and CT is $1700. 

Id grab one fast is that’s the case


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