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Looking for usb to 6v power adapter..please read


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USB output is 5 volts. The only way is with a DC to DC step up transformer.

Look for one like this: https://www.amazon.ca/Step-up-Power-Module-Converter-Connector/dp/B01L6AJS1E

Be aware that the process of up-converting uses extra power so you will get lees available power from your bank to charge the battery.

You would be better off with something like this. https://www.canadiantire.ca/en/pdp/motomaster-eliminator-750a-lithium-ion-booster-pack-and-power-bank-0111906p.html

I have one and it outputs 12 volts as well as having a USB port for charging your phone and other small electronics.

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1 hour ago, Terry said:

Yeah. Most usb is only 2 amps and 5 amps  at most And I don’t know how many amps your 5 volt solar unit is, by the time you step up to 12 volts  You may not have enough power to drive anything 

Max usb current is .5A for USb2.0 giving a max 2.5W output. USB3 rises to 900mA max so 4.5W


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