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-9C this morning, Spring here I guess

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Not seen a Robin yet, heard a Woodpecker go at it and a Red Winged Blackbird was around, a Blue Jay was on the back deck stealing the peanuts I left out for the squirrels. That's a new thing for me to stay home, feeding critters. Everyone has asked what I'm doing differently. Oh yes big time, instead of going into town maybe twice a week I 'm only going in  once every 10 days. Planning on a big outing tomorrow, pick up my boat from Dunnville and going to the drive trough at A&W 1st. Then fill the boat and all the jerry cans I have with cheap hi test at the Esso station there. I will go into CTC to see if they have any gas cans I can fill up. 

Not too long back there was a lot of white on the shores of Lake O and Erie was almost covered in ice on the 1st day of spring. 

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