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Just a thought as a family.

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OI, we really realized it last night. It was my granddaughter’s 7th birthday. It’s usually a  big affair  with the 8 other grandkids and their parents. Last night one of my girls set up a FaceTime  conference and we celebrated on iPads and phones. 
It has to be done. 

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Albert, These are strange times we find ourselves in. Of course Uncle Johnny and Aunt Tich always have the family get togethers at our place. Everyone enjoys getting out of the city and coming to the lake and we enjoy hosting. But the usual suspects just on my side with the 3 new little babies is 17 all together. 7 past the recommended safe gathering and doesn't include all the comare nd compare. Easter dinner in May or June? Easter, Mothers Day, Fathers Day, Victoria Day and 3 birthdays all in 1 fell swoop. Not a bad idea actually. Only have to clean up the mess once. 

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