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Myrtle Beach Mar. 7 2020

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Wow, what a day! It started out cold and windy but I headed out to the pier anyway, shouldn't have bothered though. The water temperature had dropped again with all the rain on Friday and with winds gusting to over 30 mph making it hard to tell if you were getting a bite or not, an hour of fishing yielded not even a bite. Oh well the rods wanted their walk on the pier.

Hooked up with Fisherguy and we headed out to see if we could get some clams, that was a lot more productive! With the high winds blowing off shore the tide was a lot lower than normal so I was able to get out to an area that isn't usually exposed. I have gotten quite selective now, too big or too small and I just leave them, the small ones aren't legal and the big ones tend to be tough.

Max was just along as an observer this trip, he stayed on shore and chatted with others, took some pictures and just seemed to enjoy the experience, me, I had fun digging in the mud. About two hours of work and my back was telling me it was time, I was getting very close to my limit anyway (1/2 a bushel) and the tide was coming back in anyway. We hauled the clams over to a gravel area, washed and sorted them again just to make sure none were undersized.

Good thing we did, the CO was on duty again today and we got stopped, it was a quick stop, as soon as he saw that I had followed Chuck's suggestions from a couple of weeks ago he didn't even look any further, bid us a good day and we were on our way. Anyway the final count was just over 9 dozen clams and apart from about three dozen promised to friends and neighbors they are all steamed, vac packed, and in the freezer. Another great day with wonderful company; it doesn't get much better!

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Well Cliff, what you lacked in pier fish the other day you sure made up in clams. What a beauty day. That clam measuring device you incorporated into the bucket lid sure paid off. Made the CO's day a lot easier. Thanks for having me along. I'll keep in touch. A few pics from the day.







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8 hours ago, mamona said:

Even though I enjoy reading your posts I was kinda disappointed not seeing pictures :D

Ya mamona, it doesn't really happen without a few pics does it. So there's no confusion, that pic is of our  man Big Cliff.

Thanks again Cliff.


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