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Caught one on my own fly, again

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With our go to being taken over by smelts and small herring, it was time to explore . My buddy Walleyed says, lets try line X and take the 4 wheeler . I cant refuse a free ride . Give the short legged ole man a break from walking . Now we left from line X and fished out from line X down the lake.  Trying to fool me ?  His devilish grin and snarrel was a give away. LOL


So with a new area, one never can tell whats up or even if there are fish there . A large flat with a steep transition was a good start. Marked nothing but those herring/smelt and some perch again on the flat. Darn things are following me, or are really on the rebound. Moved out just a bit past Rob as he said he was marking, but not hooking up. Marking is a good thing, not hooking up well, maybe the fisherman . HAHA. J/K buddy . As I start to walk away from them, I realize I was in his grace, as we only brought one auger. Limit the weight on towing my smitty, left mine behind . Walk back and get the auger, and off I go.

Set up again and right off the bat, I am marking . I have the mini meegs down just dead sticking 6" off the bottom . They come in, they rise, I drop and tap a tap, and they go . Never do they just look and go at a meegs. How dare they do this .This happened 4-5 times . Even had 3 come in at one time and did the same .GRRRRRRRRRRRRRR
Decided it was time for a cup of java and a cinny bagel with pb&j . Sit back, chill and watch the boob tube while I listen to some Dean Martin . Isn't that a kick in the head . LOL

Against my better judgment, I grab rod 2 and drop the vibrado with a new shrimp bait drop shot I tied. After about an hour of lifting slow,banging the bottom and dead sticking, a fish comes in. I lift the bait slow . As i lift, the fish bypasses the vibrado and streaks for the shrimp. I just twitch and the rod tip jerks down . FISH ON

All I was thinking , I have a fish on with  one of my own ties again. I was pumped. I reeled up slow and steady as I use 6lb floro as a leader . Once I could see the white bugger, I just guided him into the hole . I had his head out and trying to grab him,but the bugger was having nothing to do with it . I finally decided to do the bear grip and said, enough of this crap. Grab him by the head, squeeze and the battle was over. A quick snap,blood peeing out, I had another first on a tied fly .  I had no cell to text Rob or my buddies to share my joy . It was weird . I felt guilty for a moment, but dropped my bait again not even giving it another thought, and was hoping for another fish to come in, but it was not to be. The rumble of the 4 wheel was my que to pack up and it was the end of another outing .

Thinking after and talking to Rob when he came to pick me up ( love ice UBER shuttle service ), I would of bet if I had a drop shrimp above the meegs, I would of caught those ones rising up. Now I will have drops on all my set ups.  I have a red and white worm I have tied to try .

Might not look like much, but it worked.






Even cooks nice . 




Off to another line X  spot in the morning . Got to keep moving.

Long read, but I love sharing my stories.



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