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Cooks bay 2nd line of innisfil street parking

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Anyone have any info on where to park there? Is it ok to park all along 2nd line. According to google street view, there are no no parking signs along the north side of 2nd line and none that I can see on Dempsey rd either.

Im asking because we are approximately a group 12 cars and dont mind walking a bit as long as parking is allowed along those streets.


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Scroll down to page 19 of Annex A and this is what you get.

By-Law No. 028-17SCHEDULE "A"


CONCESSION 2 FROM Second Line(South side)Easterly boundary of Dempsey St to the shores of Lake Simcoe Anytime

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Simcoe ice off Keswick was 16-18 inches thick this past Saturday. Rayners road launch had 20-30 cars parked on the ice beside the peer. A bit of a hump at the end of the ramp, but ice was  rough with thin snow for decent traction. Walked out about 1km, saw another 30-40 vehicles on the ice. Side by Sides, Corollas, Civics, Jeeps, SUVs of all kinds. No pressure cracks off the peer like last year to stop people. No snow drifts to bog you down, so lots of cars all over the place.

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44 minutes ago, Old Ironmaker said:

 Maybe 2 if Brian tags along. 

I live here. :good:


The furthest I would have to travel is, 20 min away. Closest is 5 min away . The baby  Ram ,carry's everything I need.:Gonefishing:

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