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T.O. Spring Fishing Show - "Closed Door Seminars"?

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 I was looking to attend the Monday 9am "The Pro Bass Tour Academy" session.  I was given a couple tickets to the show for my birthday and I believe they included one of the early sessions.  How do I know if the ticket I was given indicates I have access to the 9am session? 

 If I do have a ticket to the 9am session, how do I get in since the show doesn't open till 10am?  I can't find any info on this on the official website. 

All I can find on the website is "Purchase of a Closed Door Seminar Ticket grants admission into that day's show".


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I went to a the closed door seminars a couple of years ago. They were not held in the same part of the building as the exhibition. I recall the tickets saying something on them to the fact that they got us into the closed door sessions but cannot recall what.


There is the exhibition hall and then like a stage area for plays and such. The sessions were in the stage area.

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Thanks for the details.  I emailed the event asking since my tickets were purchased online and are standard admittance.  I've had a reply, but I'm afraid it failed to answer my simple question of how do I change my ticket to include the Monday 9am closed door.  The person that replied implied that I just have to show up since there is no additional cost.  But they were quite vague and gave me no details.  :(   I may have to simply call and talk to someone.


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