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Hockey Day in Canada

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Preparations are under way for this weekend's festivities here in Yellowknife.

Today Lord Stanley's Cup is visiting my friends in Deline up on Great Bear Lake.

The story goes that Hockey was invented up in Deline so it's fitting.

Was down at city hall today to pick up these.


I get to hang with the beautiful people and Lord Stanley's hardware. 😁

They were working on getting the stage built.


They have done a nice job on the pond hockey tournament ice too.


More to come as the week unfolds. ;)

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Those guys have aged well. I recognize them. Rick Vaive was on CHCH TV the other morning, other than the white hair, and plenty of it, he looks like he can still play today and not just Oldtimer games. I was once a NHL fan believe it or not. I have no idea when and why I stopped watching. Maybe when a buddy took me to see his son play for Carolina.  The game seemed lack luster and I asked him if he was seeing it too. He said it was a week before the All Star break and teams weren't putting it all out. I couldn't believe it. Those duckets weren't exactly cheap either at over 175 bucks a pop. And that was around 15 years ago. 

That must have been a great time for you guys up there. I'm glad to see the entire town come out, all 100 of you!!! Some great pics, thanks for sharing. 

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